Luffy’s 1.5 Billion Berries Bounty – Explained

1.5 billion berries bounty

One Piece has already begun with the Reverie arc, and in the latest chapter of One Piece, Luffy and Sanji received new Bounties, which blew away the One Piece community. Many of the fans think that Luffy is given a high bounty that he doesn’t deserve, and some of the fans think that it is a fair bounty. A lot of discussions have been going on regarding Luffy’s new bounty. In my opinion it is good that Luffy was given a bounty of 1.5 Billion berries. In this article, i will be explaining why Luffy deserves this bounty.

First of all, let us talk about the beginning of Whole Cake Island arc. In the beginning of the arc, Luffy invaded a Yonkō territory which itself is amazing. Not many pirates dare to enter a Yonkō’s territory, as explained by Brulee. This is just one of the many things which earned Luffy his bounty. Second reason is that Luffy destroyed the Seducing Woods area that Big Mom loved.
1.5 billion berriesof
During the battle with Charlotte Cracker, Luffy and Cracker destroyed the Seducing Woods. Big Mom herself stated during talking with Sanji that she would have killed anyone other than Luffy for destroying the forest. But that’s not even the whole of it.



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