One Piece 918: Luffy And Zoro Vs Jack The Drought?

Jack the Drought

Hey everyone, I’m back with yet another one piece post. In this post, I’ll be talking about the battle between Luffy, Zoro Vs. Jack The Drought. Yes, that’s right. Jack is alive and well and will be soon introduced in Wano country arc. So, I’ll be discussing Jack’s return as well in this post.

Firstly, in One Piece 917 chapter, we got to see another Headliner of Beasts Pirates known as Speed. This character is the user of SMILE devil fruit which has the characteristics of a horse.
one piece chapter 918 Spoilers
Also, we again saw floating houses in the last chapter, which again give rise to the questions, is this a hint regarding Shiki’s return? We got to see Luffy saving O Tama and beating Holdem with ease. It was confirmed at last that Jack the Drought is still alive and well, and is present in Wano country.

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