Luffy vs Queen The Plague At Mine Prison – First Big Fight of Wano Explained

Luffy vs Queen

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding the potential upcoming battle of Luffy vs Queen. Luffy is in Udon and in One Piece chapter 934 we saw Queen the Plague arriving at the door of the prison. So, how will things turn out to be?

Let’s begin the post regarding Luffy vs Queen

One Piece chapter 934 was again another impressive one. In this chapter, we got to see that the rest of the Big Mom Pirates are all together and well. This verified my theory that it was just Big Mom who fell off the ship.
Luffy vs Queen
Big Mom has now got a new get up in Wano style. Big Mom has tamed a crocodile cum shark-like creature by hitting it several times. She and others are speeding full on towards the Udon prison. Then we saw Monkey D Luffy at a mine in Udon. It was revealed that the old man that Luffy has rescued several times is known as Hyougoro the Flower. He is the former boss of the family from which Kyoushiro hails from.

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