Luffy Just Awakened Future Observation Haki – One Piece 891

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I want to talk about Monkey D. Luffy and his next power up of Future Observation Haki which has been all but confirmed thanks to the Chapter 891. As you all know, Luffy has been fighting Katakuri for quite some time now. They’ve been at it in the morning world for about 5 hours now.
Future Observation Haki
All this time, Charlotte Katakuri has beaten Monkey D. Luffy time and again, but Luffy isn’t backing down. He won’t give up because he needs to save his friends, and in order to do that, he needs to get stronger. Some weeks ago, there was speculation that Luffy might get a power up.

This power up was going to be either a new Gear, or a Haki power up. Both of them have been teased by Eiichiro Oda a lot. A new Gear has been teased ever since we entered the Whole Cake Island arc.

Luffy used Tank Man, and that confirmed to us that he does have other Gear 4 versions as well. After that, when he fought against Charlotte Katakuri, a new Haki power up was teased. Charlotte Katakuri has both Advanced Armament, and Observation Haki. So, in his fight vs Luffy, it was obvious that Luffy was going to improve.

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