A Legendary Figure From Whitebeard’s Era Is Coming In One Piece

Hey everyone! Today, I am going to share a brilliant piece of news with you guys, which just came out today. It was revealed at this year’s Jump Festa which was going on, and amongst many manga-ka, Oda was there too. We got very interesting news about various manga series, and One Piece is no exception. Oda revealed something that I’m sure will hype all of you up. Oda revealed something about a legendary figure from One Piece. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Eiichiro Oda was talking about One Piece, and it’s future today, and he brought up a very interesting point about what we all should be expecting in 2018. Oda said that a legendary figure will be introduced in the One Piece Manga. This person is also said to be a ‘legend’, and is someone in the same category as Whitebeard, and Roger. Oda wasn’t specific on when he will introduce this person, but he said that it will be some time next year.
legendary figure
Oda revealed many clues in his comments, and by carefully reading it, i was able to know who that person might be. I know at this point, it isn’t official, but in my opinion, the answer is the Legendary Pirate, Golden Lion Shiki. In this article i will be taking about Shiki, and why I think he will be introduced next year. Let’s begin –

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