The Legendary Manga Artist Jiro Taniguchi Dies At 69

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Jiro Taniguchi, the renowned manga artist has kicked the bucket. Jiro Taniguchi’s publisher in France, Casterman, announced about Jiro’s death on 11th February 2017. He also mentioned his condolences to Jiro’s family.

Jiro Taniguchi
Jiro’s work was not only well-received in Japan, but also in few part of Europe. His works included detailed landscape which was admired by the Europeans. He was also known for his light hearted story. Unlike most of the manga which involves high school love scene or too much of dark violence. “The walking man”, “A distant neighborhood” and “the summit of the gods” are few of his greatest works. “Guardian of the Louvre” is the last book written by him. Releases in 2016. It’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to experience anymore of Jira’s work.</p>

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