The Coming of a Legend: “Golden Lion” Shiki Returns!


Shiki is one of the legends of the One Piece world. He is a man whose name has been taken in the same time as Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard, Garp, and even Sengoku. He was a legendary Pirate, who fought against Roger many times. He even fought against Garp and Sengoku alone, and managed to brutally injure Monkey D. Garp himself, all the while destroying half of Marineford. Now you may wonder why he will be back, since Luffy defeated him in Strong World. Well, here’s the deal.

The movie Strong World is NON-CANON. Everything else from Shiki escaping Impel Down to waiting 20 years to execute his plan is canon. Oda wanted to include Shiki in Shanks’ and WB’s conversation but he though it would be too much information for the readers to handle at the time. Now lets dive into the future impact of Shiki the Golden Lion. First off, I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t want him to return. The main reason people say that is because “Shiki is just an irrelevant relic of the past. His era is long over.”
But even though his era is over, he’s not one to lose. Even now, Big Mom is Yonko. She is from the same era as Roger. He has GREAT respect for Roger. So much so that I believe they had a “brotherly” bond. Roger and Garp were enemies but Roger trusted him as much as his own crew. Roger and WB were enemies but they were also friends. Hell, even Shiki and WB shared a casual drink together. Like the other Roger era veterans, Shiki and Roger were more than enemies: they were rivals. When Shiki heard that Roger was captured, he was PISSED. He couldn’t believe that his greatest pirate rival was caught by the marines and it really dealt a blow to his pride.
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