Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding the last two secret forms of Gear 4. As we know that thus far we have just seen three forms of gear 4. These are Bounceman, Tankman and Snakeman. All of these gear 4 forms are very powerful but not powerful enough to beat Yonko Kaido. So, in Wano we’ll see Luffy 2 more secret forms of gear 4.

Let’s begin this post regarding Luffy’s last 2 secret forms of gear 4

Luffy, thus far, has three gears up his sleeve. Second, third and fourth. The first two gears have no additional forms but gear fourth has more than one forms.
forms of gear 4
Also, another difference is that Luffy development first two gears pre-time skip and gear fourth during the time skip. Now, there has been a theory in the past when Luffy was shown in flashback with some animals. These were alligator, gorilla and lion. People are comparing Bounceman to a gorilla because it resembles it, alligator to Tankman due to its tough skin but Snakeman was a surprise for quite a few because fans were expecting to see gear fourth Lionman next.

But even though it seems that Oda tricked us fans it could be possible that Luffy has this form but he just has not revealed it yet.
Luffy's sight haki
It has been said in Chinese mythology that big cats are the fierce rivals of dragons because of the sheer power they have.

Even though in some places the tiger is mentioned but in reality, we know that lions are more powerful. We saw in the last encounter of Luffy and Kaido that Luffy was just not powerful enough to damage Kaido.
Also, Bounceman was not enough to damage another yonko, that is Big Mom. So, Luffy does need a new gear to at least damage yonko Kaido a bit. This Gear Fourth Lionman is the first secret gear in my opinion that Luffy will unveil against Kaido in their final battle. Another hint that makes me think that Luffy next gear will be Lionman is by the name of his attacks.

One of Snakeman’s technique is Gomu Gomu no Jet Culverin, and Luffy could use Culverin in Bounceman already. So that was foreshadowing from Oda.
gear fourth forms
Likewise, Luffy can an attack is known as Leo Bazooka. Leo means ‘Lion’, which clearly is a hint that next gear could well be Lionman.

Also, in One Piece Film Gold, Luffy uses a move known as Gomu Gomu no Leo Rex Bazooka, which hints towards Lionman yet again. This form of Luffy might just be able to scratch Kaido a bit but will not be able to kill him.
one piece Luffy new gear
Also, the size of Lionman won’t be near big enough to defeat a yonko level Kaido. My theory is that at Rusukaina there would certainly have been a giant creature that would have been the king of all the creatures there. This one would have been a humongous creature the size of this creature would have been comparable to Kaido’s size.

Now, this would have been the ultimate test of Luffy before leaving and ending his training with Rayleigh.
Luffy's gear 5th
I think like we have already got some flashbacks of Luffy’s training with Rayleigh when he uses this form we’ll get some more flashbacks for sure.

This will be Monkey D Luffy’s ultimate form to beat yonko Kaido and kill him to reach the next level. I think that this form will be named as gear fourth Monkey God due to the humongous size of Luffy in this form.
One Piece Episode 857 Release Date
Some might argue we have already got a form relating to a gorilla. We all have seen Luffy using the King Kong Gun in Bounceman but in Monkey God form he’ll use the same sort of attacks on an entirely different level. Lionman maybe able to give Kaido little scratches and some damage but Monkey God form will finish him off for good.

Its size will be comparable to Kaido himself and strength will even surpass Kaido’s strength. In this form Luffy will coat himself wholly in armament haki thus it won’t last for long.
Powers Luffy
Luffy will have a time limit to this form as well, but it will last far lesser than other forms as it will use up way more haki. Also, because Luffy will increase his size to an unbelievable level, this form might even harm his body. Nonetheless, I think these two will be the last two secret forms of gear 4.

That is it from today’s post on last 2 secret forms of gear 4. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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