Kyoushiro – The New Shogun Of Wano And Zoro’s Opponent?


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing Kyoushiro, his role in Wano, him becoming the new shogun and how he will be Zoro’s opponent. Kyoushiro is the new character introduced in Wano but we don’t know much about him, in fact, we know nothing about him so far.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kyoushiro

Wano country arc is simply off to a blast and every character that has been introduced is good. Kyoushiro was introduced recently in Wano and has showed up a couple of times since then.
Right now he seems to be a pretty integral member to Kurozumi Orochi’s squad and has connections with the disasters as well. Now, there are theories circulating that he is another retainer but it doesn’t make sense as the last retainer’s shadow resembles Tenguyama Hitetsu more than Kyoushiro. So, he certainly is not one of the five retainers.

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