Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing Kyoushiro, his role in Wano, him becoming the new shogun and how he will be Zoro’s opponent. Kyoushiro is the new character introduced in Wano but we don’t know much about him, in fact, we know nothing about him so far.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kyoushiro

Wano country arc is simply off to a blast and every character that has been introduced is good. Kyoushiro was introduced recently in Wano and has showed up a couple of times since then.
Right now he seems to be a pretty integral member to Kurozumi Orochi’s squad and has connections with the disasters as well. Now, there are theories circulating that he is another retainer but it doesn’t make sense as the last retainer’s shadow resembles Tenguyama Hitetsu more than Kyoushiro. So, he certainly is not one of the five retainers.

People are speculating that Kurozumi Orochi’s opponent in Wano is going to be Roronoa Zoro but the purpose of Kinemon is to defeat Orochi and take Oden’s revenge.
If Orochi is defeated by Zoro the plot doesn’t wouldn’t make as much sense. So, I think that Kinemon will be the one to take down Kurozumi Orochi.

I think that right at the start of the festival Kurozumi Orochi will be taken down by Kinemon. I mentioned above that Kinemon will take out Kurozumi Orochi, it is even possible that Kyoushiro will take him out himself because he intends to hurt Komurasaki who is one of his family members.
new shogun of Wano
In chapter 932 it was revealed that Kyoushiro will do anything to protect his family members and with whoever he shares a cup of sake, that person becomes his family. So, if Kurozumi Orochi is going to attack her, Kyoushiro will take him down.

Now then, who is the perfect candidate to replace Orochi? Well, most certainly it is going to be the strongest subordinate of Kurozumi Orochi, that is Kyoushiro.
Shogun Orochi's mythical
I think so because he has a good influence over Calamities and possibly Kaido. Thus, Kaido would mind if Orochi is shogun or Kyoshiro.

In this way, he’ll become the new Shogun of Wano country. Most people will say that he has not been power scaled in One Piece thus far, but has he? If we look back Page One who is one of the strongest headliners of Kaido addressed to him as boss.
Kurozumi Orochi's
This means that he is stronger than the Flying Fighters of Kaido. Going by the ranks of Kaido the only one stronger than Flying Fighters are the three Calamities of Kaido. Also, it is worth mentioning here that Kyoushiro talked to Queen the Plague as if he was equal to him.

Thus, it can certainly be said that he is at the power level of the Calamities of Kaido. We cannot say who among the three disasters Kyoushiro is stronger than but my theory is that he is stronger than all of them.
Some might think that I’m just joking, but think about it.

If Roronoa Zoro faces King, will he be able to cope with his aerials attacks? No. Then who is the perfect Strawhat to face King?
Kurozumi Orochi
I think Sanji and his Raid Suit and even Sky Walk will help him go toe to toe with King. They’re both aerial Fighters. Since King is the strongest among three disasters, it is clear that Roronoa Zoro will not face anyone below King’s level of power as he is the second in command of Strawhat Pirates. Then will it make even more sense that Roronoa Zoro faces the strongest samurai of Wano?

Yes, I do think it will make way more sense like that. Kyoushiro is the current strongest samurai of Wano since Ashura Douji and others are now pretty old aged. Also, it is only possible that he is stronger than King the Wildfire if he is the strongest swordsman of Wano.
Thus, it will make sense if Roronoa Zoro can take down the strongest swordsman of Wano who is easily a yonko commander level character, making Zoro a yonko commander level character in the process.

That is it from today’s post on Kyoushiro and his role in Wano. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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