Kurozumi Orochi’s Two Sword Style: His Legendary Swords — Explained

Kurozumi Orochi's

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be talking about Kurozumi Orochi’s two sword style and talk about his two legendary swords. In One Piece manga chapter 919 we got to know about some details that hinted Kurozumi Orochi might use two sword style method.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kurozumi Orochi’s two sword style swordplay

In One Piece manga chapter 919, we got some great panels and information. We got to know that Momonusuke Kozuki and others time traveled to the current timeline.
Kurozumi Orochi's swords
Also, O Kiku is one of the subordinates of Foxfire Kinemon and she is also one of the characters known as the ghosts of Wano. We also got to see Vinsmoke Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook reunite with their captain, Monkey D Luffy. Also, Roronoa Zoro again, most probably, lost his way. The most important detail was that which concerns our post right now, and it is about about Kurozumi Orochi.

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