Konohamaru Is Going All Out – Boruto Episode 41 Spoilers

Hey guy, as most of you already know that today the episode 40 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations aired. As always, I’m here to discuss episode 40, and the spoilers for Boruto Episode 41.Konohamaru Episode 40 started off with the newly formed Team 7 getting their first mission from the Hokage himself. I’m very excited to talk about Konohamaru today. At first, Boruto thought that this mission would be a piece of cake, on which his father, Naruto warned him that every mission should be taken seriously and team work is the most important thing to complete a mission.

Team 7 headed towards the village where their original mission was to get rid of the bandits. Their village leader Kiri was unsure that this team of Genin would get the job done. So far the Episode seemed bland. KonohamaruBut, it got better as we progressed through the episode. I think Boruto Uzumaki’s personality has changed a lot since he became a Genin, and he has become a lot more arrogant. Basically, the bandits hired ninja, and the mission got a little interested. Later, these ninja kidnapped the village leader Kiri and Team 7’s mission upgraded to B rank mission.

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