Konoha 11 ranked by their Power Level

Konoha 11 is a group of Shinobi that consisted of Team 7, Team 8, Team 10 and Team Guy. Sasuke Uchiha was NOT a part of this squad as he had already defected the village.
Today, I’ve decided to rank all of them by their strengths, BEFORE the two year Time-skip.
Let’s begin—
11. Tenten
Alright, so we begin with Team Gai’s Tenten. Tenten is a weapon specialist, and specializes in Ninja Scrolls which produce mass weapons at once. Though she was strong, she ranks 11th on the list. In the Chūnin exams, Tenten fought Temari, where the latter defeated her easily.
10. Haruno Sakura
Next on the list is Haruno Sakura. Sakura could wreak almost everyone up, post Time-skip, but before the Time-skip, she was pretty weak and was miles behind her squad. Sakura excelled at chakra control but that’s about it. She was the weaker of the two in her fight against Ino at the Chūnin exams, despite the fight ending in a draw.
9. Yamanaka Ino
Ino is a member of Team 10 led by Asuma Sensei. Despite not being all that strong, Ino definitely was an important part of her team. She, along with Shikamaru and Chōji, saved Sakura her team from the Sound Shinobi in the forest of death. Ino later fought against Sakura in the Chūnin exams and had the upper hand, despite the match ending in a draw.



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