All Known Teams from the Hidden Leaf in Naruto

Hey guys! Teamwork is one of the most important qualities of a ninja. Teamwork can win you battles. Today, we have made a list of all the known teams in the history of the Hidden Leaf.

8. Team 8- 636085151198055307
It is led by Kurenai Yuhi. It is made up by Kiba Inazuka, Hinata Hyūga and Shino Aburame. This team possesses a lot of techniques of different clans like Inazuka clan’s keen sense of smell, Hyūga’s Byakugan and finally Aburame clan’s unique insects. After the war, Hinata married Naruto and Shino became a teacher in the academy and well Kiba, Kiba just fell in love.
7. Team 10- 636085151178620725
Team 10 was led by Asuma Sarutobi. It comprised of Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi. Team 10 had one of the best team work in the entire Naruto series. They were very fluid and smooth in their tasks. Also, the coordination was very good as it was evident from the battles against Hidan and Kakuzu and also against the Ten Tails. Sadly, they lost their leader, Asuma, as he was killed by Hidan.


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