All Known Members Of The Kozuki Clan In One Piece


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about all known members of Kozuki clan in One Piece. Thus far there are a total of five members of the Kozuki clan, and they have a total of nine retainers who are also known as the Nine Red Scabbards. Not much is known about this clan which is from Wano Country.

Let’s begin the list of all known members of the Kozuki clan in One Piece

5. Kozuki Sukiyaki
Kozuki Sukiyaki
Sukiyaki is a former Shogun of Wano. He was the father of Oden, and grandfather of Momonosuke and Hiyori. It does seem that he was a fair ruler, but not a bold one. He even abandoned his son Oden because of his violent behaviour and that’s why he didn’t look after Kuri as it was a place filled with violent heads. He did appreciate his son Oden’s doing when he kind of brought peace to Kuri and made him Daimyo of Kuri.

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