All Known Members Of The Kozuki Clan In One Piece


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about all known members of Kozuki clan in One Piece. Thus far there are a total of five members of the Kozuki clan, and they have a total of nine retainers who are also known as the Nine Red Scabbards. Not much is known about this clan which is from Wano Country.

Let’s begin the list of all known members of the Kozuki clan in One Piece

5. Kozuki Sukiyaki
Kozuki Sukiyaki
Sukiyaki is a former Shogun of Wano. He was the father of Oden, and grandfather of Momonosuke and Hiyori. It does seem that he was a fair ruler, but not a bold one. He even abandoned his son Oden because of his violent behaviour and that’s why he didn’t look after Kuri as it was a place filled with violent heads. He did appreciate his son Oden’s doing when he kind of brought peace to Kuri and made him Daimyo of Kuri.

4. Kozuki Toki
Kozuki Toki
Kozuki Toki was the wife of Oden. She was the one who sent Momonusuke, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku and Momonusuke into the future and also her daughter and another retainer of Kozuki clan presumably. Toki was the user Toki Toki no Mi Devil Fruit. She is apparently from a difference timeline, and we don’t know where she actually comes from.

One can also call this fruit as time devil fruit. Using this fruit she was able to send herself and others into the future.
Toki toki no mi
However, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to go back in the past. It was rumoured that Toki wasn’t from the timeline she lived in 20 years ago which was also confirmed that she indeed was from the past. It is possible that she could even be from the ancient kingdom people, or from the era of Rox Pirates that existed 40 years ago. I certainly think that she is originally from the Ancient Kingdom.

3. Kozuki Momonusuke
Momonosuke Kozuki
Kozuki Momonusuke is the son of Oden. He was introduced in the Punk Hazard arc. It was seen that he has the ability to transform into a dragon after eating the Smile Dragon Zoan Devil Fruit. It is known that he ate a Vegapunk’s man-made mythical zoan devil fruit which transforms him completely into a dragon.

In the future, this devil fruit ability is certainly going to be one of the strongest abilities. With age, Momonosuke will be able to transform into a bigger dragon.
Kozuki Clan
This devil fruit was considered to be a failure but indeed it was a success. Also, Momonusuke, from his father, has inherited the power known as the Voice of All Things. Using this ability he can hear even what animals are saying, and can also enter their mind and see what they are seeing. This makes me think that in future he certainly is going to be one of the strongest characters around in One Piece.

2. Kozuki Oden
Kozuki Oden
Kozuki Oden was the Daimyo of Kuri and also the son of a former Shogun. Oden was so well versed in swordplay that even Gol D Roger and Whitebeard were mesmerized by his abilities, and strength. He had the power to use the Voice of All Things power.

As I said, using this power one can communicate, control and see what other animals are seeing. This one is certainly one of the all-time strongest abilities.
Oden was a crewmate of both first Whitebeard, and then Gol D Roger. He has been to Raftel along with Roger Pirates. His goal was to open the Gates of Wano country to the rest of the world. He was the hero of Kuri as he saved them from their misery. Oden Kozuki was arrested and sentenced to death by Kurozumi Orochi, the Shogun of Wano country. Oden was publically executed and died as a hero.

1. Kozuki Hiyori
Hiyori Kozuki
Kozuki Hiyori is the daughter of Oden Kozuki. She was an infant 20 years ago when Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi tried to kill all Kozuki clan members. Her fate remains unknown, but it does seem that O Tama is indeed Kozuki Hiyori living under an alias. Whether O Tama indeed is Kozuki Hiyori or not remains to be seen. But, that’s what we think over here at The Anime Scrolls.

That is it from today’s post on all known members of Kozuki clan in One Piece. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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