All Known Kara Members In Boruto

Kara members

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing fine. I’m back at TheAnimeScrolls with the list of all known Kara members in Boruto. Kara is an organization that has just been introduced in the manga and not Anime. This group consists of members who have the Otsutsuki curse marks and this organization hunts down those with these Otsutsuki seals. This organization consists of Inner and Outer members. Inner members seem to be more important members of this organization than the Outer members of the organization. Now let us look at all the members of this organization.

8. Aokara members
Ao is the legendary Shinobi of Kirigakure. He almost died during the Fourth Great War and was remembered as the war veteran. But, he was saved by Katasuke with his technologically advanced tools. Ao was recently defeated by Boruto Uzumaki in the latest chapter of Boruto manga.

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