Beasts Pirates crew is one of the strongest pirate crews in the world of One Piece. Its captain is one of the four Yonko, who controls the seas. Hundred Beasts, Kaido is the captain of this powerful pirate crew. I hope you all are doing well. I’m back with another interesting list regarding Beasts Pirates. In this list, I’ll be talking about all the known Headliners of Beasts Pirates.

Let’s begin the list regarding all known Headliners of Beasts Pirates


Wano Country

In One Piece chapter 914, a couple of new headliners were mentioned among which one is named Speed. We know absolutely nothing about this Headliner other than his name right now. He along with Holdem and Basil Hawkins is in the government official district where Luffy, Zoro and O Kiku are heading. In One Piece chapter 915, we might know more about him.

Basil Hawkins
beasts Pirates Headliners
Basil Hawkins is one of the Supernova pirates. He is a very powerful character. Recently, in one of the chapters of One Piece his devil fruit’s name was disclosed to be Wara Wara no Mi or straw straw fruit. We did get to see some of the abilities of his devil fruit. I think his Devil Fruit was really cool and he may even be an awakened Devil Fruit user, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Basil Hawkins is a paramecia type devil fruit user. But he still can himself be straw, he can create straw and even transform different things into straw. So, he might well be a special paramecia type devil fruit user as well.
Basil Hawkins
We saw him transforming his sword into a straw and also making a huge strawman. Basil Hawkins is able to keep inside his body small voodoo dolls which allow him to transfer the damage he suffers into these dolls. Thus, giving him more than just one life to live.

X Drake
Wano x drake
X Drake is another one of the Supernovas who is working with Kaido. He is an ancient zoan type devil fruit user. His devil fruit allows him to transform his body into a dinosaur. He looks to be pretty powerful and in the upcoming Wano war, we might see how much she has improved since the last time we saw him.

I certainly think the size of his dinosaur transformation must have increased a lot since the Sabaody arc. X Drake is the son of former marine and a pirate Diez Barrels. Back then X Drake was known as Dory.
x drake headliner
He was treated unfairly by his father and when he saw an opportunity to escape he did exactly that. I’m sure in Wano war we’ll see the full power of this zoan type headliner of Kaido. I certainly want him to show his full strength in Wano war. If he will have awakened his Devil Fruit, then that’s going to be even better for Drake and we’ll enjoy seeing him as well.

sheepshead one Piece
Sheepshead is another one of the Beasts pirates headliners. He is known as the Gifters headliner in the beast pirates. Being a headliner, he has authority over gifters. He has also the devil fruit ability of SMILE devil fruit. His ability is that he can transform his hands into the horns of sheep. I guess that he can also transform completely into a sheep. We’ll soon see him in Wano war.

one piece holdem
Holdem is another one of the new Headliners introduced in One Piece chapter 914. His silhouette was shown in One Piece 914 and in the upcoming chapter, we might get to know more about him. I think that he too will be a zoan type devil fruit user and by the looks of it, he might even have a devil fruit related to a lion. If that’s the case, then I’ll surely enjoy watching him in action. Holdem may be the one to watch out for at the Government district.

apoo beasts pirates
I certainly want to include Apoo too in this list even though we don’t know if he is a Headliner or not. But Apoo is one of the Supernovas who is working under Kaido, and since he is a Supernova like X Drake and Hawkins, it is possible he might be a Headliner as well. He uses music as his weapon. He has a devil fruit ability related to music only. He calls his ability fighting music. And he has a bounty of 350,000,000 berries on his head right now.

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