Why Kizaru Will Die At Wano — Explained

Thus, by any means it is certain that at least one of the Yonko will be defeated. If that really happens, it will be easy to take this defeated Yonko and then execute them.
So, Kizaru might well defy Akainu and go to Wano. But catching a Yonko is easier said than done. So, I think that Luffy will defeat Kaido and it will be possible for Kizaru to take him to Impel Down, or maybe execute Kaido right there since he would be weakened.

But, personally, I think that one of the Disasters of Kaido will intervene between Kizaru and Kaido. This disaster, in my opinion, could be the King Disaster.
He will certainly have one of the strongest mythical zoan type devil fruits. Maybe he doesn’t get involved in Wano war because he couldn’t arrive in time. But to save Kaido from Kizaru, he’ll arrive at the very last moment, and fight. Thus, I do think that this Disaster or Calamity of Kaido will be at least equal in strength of Kizaru.

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