Why Kizaru Will Die At Wano — Explained

Admiral Kizaru showed interest in going to Wano, as he specially asked Fleet Admiral Akainu to let him go to Wano.
But, Akainu didn’t grant this wish of Kizaru, as he thought they do not know the strength of the Samurai, and this it’s highly risky to send one of his strongest Admirals there.

But since we know the nature and personality of Admiral Kizaru, he doesn’t think about orders too much. In fact, he doesn’t think much anyway.
Kizaru wano
So, there is a big possibility that Admiral Kizaru will defy Akainu’s orders and head for Wano himself. He might be of the opinion that this could be a golden chance of catching one of the Yonko at least. As we know, Kaido and Big Mom will fight each other as said earlier. One of them is bound to fall, and even it is speculated that Luffy will defeat Kaido.

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