Why Kizaru Will Die At Wano — Explained

In the Reverie Arc, we saw that the marines were able to tap the call of the two of the Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom, aka Charlotte Linlin.
big Mom wano
Over the den den mushi, we found out that these two Yonko talked about their desire to kill Monkey D Luffy. As we know, Luffy has done considerable damage to both these Yonko, and their reputation as well.

He destroyed Kaido’s SMILE devil fruit production, and also spoiled the plans of Big Mom to take powers of Germa Kingdom. Thus, both of them want to kill Luffy, and they both warned each other about interfering in the process of killing Luffy.
big mom
Kaido told Big Mom that he’ll kill her if she killed Luffy, and in turn Big Mom reminded him of the debt he owes him. We know that Luffy is at Wano and thus both of these Yonko will certainly be arriving in Wano, Kaido is already there.

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