Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I will be discussing theory about King the Wildfire vs Charlotte Katakuri and determine who is stronger among the two. We know that King the Wildfire has straightaway started a war with Big Mom Pirates fleet. Will Charlotte Katakuri join Big Mom as well? Who is stronger among the two?

Let’s begin this post regarding King the Wildfire vs Charlotte Katakuri

Let us first discuss where are we at in the story and how will this battle between Charlotte Katakuri and King the Wildfire take place.
In chapter 930 of One Piece, we got to see Big Mom Pirates arriving at Wano country. King the Wildfire welcomed them by pushing their ship off the waterfall. King was also surprised that Big Mom decided to go into another yonko’s territory with just one ship and certainly with her weaker members of her crew. We certainly did not get any glimpse of Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Oven and Charlotte Cracker who are few of the strongest members of her crew.

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