King Calamity’s Devil Fruit – The Strongest Mythical Zoan?

Another power of Nue which is sort of obvious is that it can use its claws to devastating effects.
king Disaster's devil fruit
One could imagine King using these claws and coating them with armament haki then just one shot his enemies. Another ability of Nue is that it can bind its enemies in curses.

This is certainly a power we haven’t seen a whole lot of One Piece universe. So, imagining King binding his opponents into powerful cursed spells and torture them using these curses.
king's devil fruit
Nue can also spread the deadly disease. I speculate that King can spread these diseases through the slashes of the sword he carries around. In Japanese mythology, Nue can even fly which explains why King has wings as well. I do not suppose that King’s wings are for showing off only. Also, the final detail that I want to discuss is King’s tail which is lit at all times.

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