King Calamity’s Devil Fruit – The Strongest Mythical Zoan?

Nue is a mythical creature which has features of more than two modern day creatures.
king's devil fruit
Nue is said to have the face of a monkey, the body of a racoon, legs of a tiger and unusual snake looking tail which has even a mouth. Some mythologies even suggest that this creature has a torso of a tiger.

Some other mythologies suggest that he has the face of a cat, torso of a tiger, legs of a tanuki. So, it is said to have different combinations of features from different modern day animals.
king's devil fruit
What it means that Oda and make a combination of Nue for King in such a way that he literally becomes an undefeatable creature overall. He can give him perfect balance of a body to make him a pretty scary and dangerous creature. Also, Nue is said to have an ability to shapeshift mostly in the form of black clouds that can fly. Maybe the black colour of King could suggest that he has this ability as well.

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