King Calamity’s Devil Fruit – The Strongest Mythical Zoan?

The way he dresses, he seems to be one of the former jailers of Impel Down. Like Shiliew in the past, Hannyabal and Magellan he has logos on his collar and armbands.
king's devil fruit
After leaving Impel Down Shiliew changer his logo and it is quite interesting to observe that both Shiliew and King the Wildfire have the same logos.

Also, King carries a very similar sword to Shiliew. I have already done a detailed theory on why King the Wildfire is from Impel Down in one of my recent posts.
king's devil fruit
So, make sure you check that out. I’m not going to discuss his connection to Impel Down in this post because in this one we are going to talk about King Calamity’s devil fruit in detail. So, let us come straight to the point and I’ll let you know what devil fruit King may have. In my opinion, King the Wildfire’s devil fruit is also a mythical zoan type one and it is related to a mythical creature named Nue.

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