Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be discussing King Calamity’s devil fruit, its powers and why could it possibly be the strongest mythical zoan type devil fruit. Recently, in One Piece chapter, 925 King Calamity of Kaido was shown and he looks terrifying as hell. So, this post is dedicated to this torture loving badass character.

Let’s begin this post regarding King Calamity’s devil fruit

As I mentioned above King Disaster of Kaido was shown in One Piece chapter 925.
king's Calamity's devil fruit
He was introduced alongside Queen Calamity, who is known as Queen the Plague and the King is known as King the Wildfire. King is in all-black colour and it does seem like he is wearing an all black suit which even covers his head. Queen, on the other hand, seems like a cool character. They both were shown scolding Jack the Drought. King the Wildfire has been shown having a tail which is lit up.

The way he dresses, he seems to be one of the former jailers of Impel Down. Like Shiliew in the past, Hannyabal and Magellan he has logos on his collar and armbands.
king's devil fruit
After leaving Impel Down Shiliew changer his logo and it is quite interesting to observe that both Shiliew and King the Wildfire have the same logos.

Also, King carries a very similar sword to Shiliew. I have already done a detailed theory on why King the Wildfire is from Impel Down in one of my recent posts.
king's devil fruit
So, make sure you check that out. I’m not going to discuss his connection to Impel Down in this post because in this one we are going to talk about King Calamity’s devil fruit in detail. So, let us come straight to the point and I’ll let you know what devil fruit King may have. In my opinion, King the Wildfire’s devil fruit is also a mythical zoan type one and it is related to a mythical creature named Nue.

Nue is a mythical creature which has features of more than two modern day creatures.
king's devil fruit
Nue is said to have the face of a monkey, the body of a racoon, legs of a tiger and unusual snake looking tail which has even a mouth. Some mythologies even suggest that this creature has a torso of a tiger.

Some other mythologies suggest that he has the face of a cat, torso of a tiger, legs of a tanuki. So, it is said to have different combinations of features from different modern day animals.
king's devil fruit
What it means that Oda and make a combination of Nue for King in such a way that he literally becomes an undefeatable creature overall. He can give him perfect balance of a body to make him a pretty scary and dangerous creature. Also, Nue is said to have an ability to shapeshift mostly in the form of black clouds that can fly. Maybe the black colour of King could suggest that he has this ability as well.

Another power of Nue which is sort of obvious is that it can use its claws to devastating effects.
king Disaster's devil fruit
One could imagine King using these claws and coating them with armament haki then just one shot his enemies. Another ability of Nue is that it can bind its enemies in curses.

This is certainly a power we haven’t seen a whole lot of One Piece universe. So, imagining King binding his opponents into powerful cursed spells and torture them using these curses.
king's devil fruit
Nue can also spread the deadly disease. I speculate that King can spread these diseases through the slashes of the sword he carries around. In Japanese mythology, Nue can even fly which explains why King has wings as well. I do not suppose that King’s wings are for showing off only. Also, the final detail that I want to discuss is King’s tail which is lit at all times.

Oda might have just made a tail of some other creature that has that sort of tail. Nue is known to have poisonous fangs and maybe King’s tail will extend into these dangerous fangs.
king's devil fruit
All in all this creature is certainly a very dangerous one and if Oda decides to give King this devil fruit it will be certainly one of the strongest ones around just became of the variety of abilities that it has.

That is it from today’s post on King Calamity’s devil fruit ability. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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