King Calamity’s Devil Fruit – The Strongest Mythical Zoan?

King Calamity's devil fruit

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be discussing King Calamity’s devil fruit, its powers and why could it possibly be the strongest mythical zoan type devil fruit. Recently, in One Piece chapter, 925 King Calamity of Kaido was shown and he looks terrifying as hell. So, this post is dedicated to this torture loving badass character.

Let’s begin this post regarding King Calamity’s devil fruit

As I mentioned above King Disaster of Kaido was shown in One Piece chapter 925.
king's Calamity's devil fruit
He was introduced alongside Queen Calamity, who is known as Queen the Plague and the King is known as King the Wildfire. King is in all-black colour and it does seem like he is wearing an all black suit which even covers his head. Queen, on the other hand, seems like a cool character. They both were shown scolding Jack the Drought. King the Wildfire has been shown having a tail which is lit up.

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