Is Kid Stronger Than Luffy? – Power Levels Compared

kid stronger than Luffy

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about a much-debated subject over the last few weeks. So, is Eustass Captain Kid Stronger than Luffy? We have seen Kid after a long time in Wano arc and we know that we’ll see him a lot more from now on until he is imprisoned alongside Luffy. Thus, far in your opinion, is Kid stronger than Luffy? We’ll be discussing that in detail in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

Let’s begin this post regarding is Kid stronger than Luffy?

First of all, let us talk about instances when Eustass Kid has been shown in One Piece. He was introduced in Sabaody arc. We saw his all-powerful devil fruit powers of repelling and attracting metallic objects.
kid vs Luffy
Then we saw him making an alliance with Apoo, and Hawkins after time skip, when Kaido jumped off from Sky Island. Kaido defeated Kid and imprisonment him and then we recently saw him in Wano arc and we are getting to see him more. Kid is one of the most interesting characters, and I hope we get to see more of him.

I just want to make my point, which is, we haven’t seen him in battle. I mean in a serious battle, it seems Luffy is at a slight advantage.
Eustass Kid
Luffy has been in big fights numerous times like against Katakuri and Doflamingo. Since we haven’t seen Kid in action a lot we do not know how strong he is and what his exact devil fruit abilities are.

If we neglect all that and just put them right on face to face in a hypothetical battle here at TheAnimeScrolls, who’ll win? So, let’s find out. First, let us talk about Eustass Kid.
Luffy vs kid
He is one of the Supernova Pirates and the captain of the Kid Pirates. Eustass Kid has an unknown devil fruit ability, but one thing is evident that his devil fruit is related to magnetism. We have just seen him using repel and attract abilities but he will surely have more abilities up his sleeve.

I think that he may be able to manipulate the electromagnetic waves which are almost everywhere in the atmosphere.
kid stronger than Luffy
Even one can manipulate brain waves using it. Imagine, if that power is granted to him by Oda, he can go ahead and end up defeating his enemies without touching them.

But I won’t be talking about made up powers in this post. One thing is certain that Eustass Kid can use King’s Haki, which was recently confirmed by Kaido himself.
Luffy stronger than kid
It is obvious that Kid will be pretty good at using armament and observation haki too, but I do not think that like Luffy, he would be able to use an advanced form of these haki types. Maybe Kid and Luffy can use the King’s haki at the same level. But again, for the record, we haven’t seen him using these abilities in real battle. Now, let us talk about Monkey D Luffy, who has beaten the strongest Yonko commander in Charlotte Katakuri.

I do not think that Eustass Kid right now is even on Doflamingo’s level as we saw how Doflamingo battered Law who also is so highly rated.
Luffy vs kid
It doesn’t come close to Luffy in terms of strength. Similar is the case with Eustass Kid. Kid is very strong, but unless he has any feats, I cannot say whether he’s stronger or weaker. Based on what we’ve heard about him, he’s strong, but not as strong as Luffy.

I think that Monkey D Luffy is stronger than Kid, to say the least. His use of devil fruit with gear fourth is pretty great. Right now, Luffy can also beat a yonko commander level foe for sure.
Luffy vs kid
I think that King the Wildfire won’t be able to beat Luffy in his gear fourth form since he has already beaten the strongest Yonko commander in Charlotte Katakuri. Also, as I said earlier, Luffy has the all-powerful Future Sight Haki and advanced armament haki up his sleeve as well, which gives an edge in the battle against Kid.

I don’t think that Kid has anything that we have seen in his arsenal that could hurt Luffy. So, it is evident that the answer to the question is Kid stronger than Luffy is a big NO.
Luffy vs kid
In Wano arc we’ll see more of his powers and abilities but no matter how strong he gets he won’t be stronger than the future king of the pirates, Monkey D Luffy.

That is it from today’s post on is Kid stronger than Luffy? If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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