Kawaki’s True Power Level – How Strong Is He?

But we can safely say that he is already an overpowered character. It seems odd that why did Kawaki’s Karma and Boruto’s Karma seal activate at the same time and in resonance. Kawaki's powersAnd on top of that Kawaki used Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s ability to absorb ninjutsu. This still remains a mystery to us.

Coming back to Kawaki’s true power level, in my opinion, we just a fraction of his true power of Karma seal. As he said Boruto hasn’t mastered his seal yet. We didn’t see any sort of ability that leaves Kawaki’s victims cold like he left the robots.Kawaki's power And I guess he still has that up his sleeve. As to whether he has Urashiki Otsutsuki’s powers or not that theory seems to be in doubt as we haven’t seen Urashiki absorb ninjutsu anytime.

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