Hey you all! Hope you guys are ready for today’s post regarding NarutoVerse. In this post, I’ll be discussing Kawaki’s true power level. In the last couple of chapters we have seen quite a lot of Kawaki and his abilities as well and now have a rough idea of Kawaki’s true power. So, without further delay let us begin.

First of all, we know that Kawaki will be the main rival of Boruto Uzumaki in the Boruto series. Let’s start with the first scene we saw Kawaki in the recent chapters. When he was first shown we didn’t see any of his abilities, just his Karma and that’s all.Kawaki's true power Then in the following chapter, we saw him go head-to-head against Garou who is another member of Kara organisation. Here the first ability of Kawaki was shown. Kawaki is able to modify his own body into the shape of weapons.

It does indicate that he uses some sort of senjutsu or something similar to senjutsu.kara members Then in Boruto chapter 25, we saw him even extending his arm and at the same time transforming it into weapons. In my opinion, it does feel that it is some sort of senjutsu. Now, after that, we got a glimpse of his real power.

Kawaki activated his karma seal whose design looked absolutely incredible. Garou tried to use ninjutsu against him but he absorbed it with his Karma seal.Kawaki's true power Then he approached Garou and placed his hand over his head and then we saw a huge explosion which killed Garou. The area around Kawaki was also destroyed and Konohagakure shinobi were saved by Boruto Uzumaki and his Karma seal. Since Boruto was able to absorb the blast it is clear that it was ninjutsu that Kawaki used.

And it is possible that Kawaki used the absorbed ninjutsu from Garou against Garou.kawaki powers In my opinion, Kawaki is able to absorb ninjutsu and store it in his seal and then use it in any manner that fits him. Also, one might say that why wasn’t Kawaki affected by this huge blast?

Well, we did see Garou pierce his chest without any effect and I think that here his modified internal organs play a huge role. I think that Kawaki’s body is capable of healing itself with ease and this is possible only because of his advanced modified internal organs. Kawaki abilitiesWe know this for certain, that Kawaki is a modified human being. Katasuke observed excellently that Kawaki passed out due to his body overheating. Indicating that Kawaki is still a work in progress.

But we can safely say that he is already an overpowered character. It seems odd that why did Kawaki’s Karma and Boruto’s Karma seal activate at the same time and in resonance. Kawaki's powersAnd on top of that Kawaki used Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s ability to absorb ninjutsu. This still remains a mystery to us.

Coming back to Kawaki’s true power level, in my opinion, we just a fraction of his true power of Karma seal. As he said Boruto hasn’t mastered his seal yet. We didn’t see any sort of ability that leaves Kawaki’s victims cold like he left the robots.Kawaki's power And I guess he still has that up his sleeve. As to whether he has Urashiki Otsutsuki’s powers or not that theory seems to be in doubt as we haven’t seen Urashiki absorb ninjutsu anytime.

Also, Kawaki is going to get another seal in the future. I don’t know how or when or where but is certain that he’ll get another seal. Kawaki's powerI know this from the pilot chapter when Kawaki and Boruto were readying themselves for the battle to come. They both have two seals in future. Thus, Kawaki is surely on his way to becoming the strongest shinobi. Will he surpass Naruto and Sasuke? That remains to be seen.

That is it from today’s post on Kawaki’s true power. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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