Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be discussing Kawaki’s true goal in Boruto series and why he’ll become more like Jigen than Naruto Uzumaki as most fans think that Kawaki is going to follow the path of Naruto Uzumaki. Kawaki is also a semi-artificial being since his internal organs are completely modified and in Boruto episode 84 we might have got a hint what Kawaki’s true goal is.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kawaki’s true goal in Boruto

Kawaki is one of the three characters that have been seen using Karma seal thus far in Boruto series. Other two being Boruto and Jigen.
Kawaki is surely going to be the main rival of Boruto Uzumaki in the future just like Sasuke was the main rival of Naruto Uzumaki throughout the Naruto series. Now, let me first tell you what hints about Kawaki’s true goal I notice in the latest Boruto episode. When Mitsuki and Ku were having a conversation Ku kept on insisting that he is just an empty vessel created to fulfil his master’s goals.

Ku said that he has no will of his own and he is just carrying on the will of his master.
Kawaki's true goal
He hinted that Mitsuki is also a vessel and he will carry on Orochimaru’s will and thus he has no will of his own. In other words, both of them are vessels which will inherit the will of their masters.

Now, let us compare this idea of will on Kawaki. Even though Kawaki is not an artificial human being but his internal organs are completely modified and he is known as Kara’s vessel, so he indeed is half human and half synthetic human in many ways.
Kawaki's goal
Also, all the members of Kara are insisting on the term “vessel”, and keep referring to Kawaki as a vessel. So, what do they mean? If we compare the two statements in the light of what Ku mentioned in the last episode.

It does seem that Kawaki was transformed to whatever he is by Jigen and so Jigen is the one who created this modified version of Kawaki and so like Orochimaru and Onoki are masters of Mitsuki and Ku respectively.
Boruto manga
Jigen is also the master of Kawaki and Kawaki is a mere vessel.

Kawaki is the one who has been chosen by Kara to inherit the will of Jigen. Yes, that is what exactly I think. We saw in the last chapter how hard Jigen worked on training Kawaki, Jigen keeps on saying that he needs a vessel as unlike others he doesn’t have much time.
Kawaki's mother
We also saw Kawaki carrying a long rod in the pilot episode and the same weapon is used by Jigen as well, which we saw in the last chapter. So, Kawaki’s true goal is to inherit the will of Jigen and achieve what Jigen’s desire is.

I also think that Jigen will have to die in order to Kawaki taking his place and carrying out Jigen’s plans even after he dies.
Kawaki arc
I think that even though Naruto will work hard on shaping and training Kawaki, it will all go in vain.

I say this because, in my opinion, Kawaki is the vessel of Jigen’s will. Whether Kawaki likes Jigen or not, he will still do exactly what Jigen’s will is without even realising that actually, he is doing what Jigen wants him to do as he is a mere vessel.
Kawaki's body
Boruto, on the other hand, will try his best to save his father in the future as well as Kawaki himself. Regards how different Boruto Uzumaki is from his father, they both just cannot give up on their comrades. We are seeing exactly that right now in Mitsuki arc.

Kawaki won’t want Boruto to save him or be a hiccup in his plan to destroy the age of shinobi. Boruto will be ready to even pay with his life to save his father and friend.
Kawaki's true power
I do think that Boruto will convince Kawaki to change his mind sooner or later but it won’t be easy by any means because in a way he is programmed to carry on Jigen’s will.

That is it from today’s post on Kawaki’s true goal in Boruto. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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