Kawaki’s Identity – Who Is Kawaki?

Also, there are other theories suggesting that Kawaki will be another synthetic human created by Orochimaru which I disapprove as well because Orochimaru has finally mended his ways Kawaki's identityand is focusing how Mitsuki is going to develop. Orochimaru kind of has ordered Mitsuki to protect them at all costs and watch over and be with Boruto Uzumaki.

In my opinion, Kawaki will just be Kawaki. I think he is going to be a significant character in Boruto series even though he is yet to be introduced in Boruto. Well, remember how late Nagato was introduced in Naruto and the Kawaki's identityPain Arc still remains one of the all-time best Arcs. I’m not saying Kawaki will be introduced so far ahead in Boruto but all I’m saying is that Assuming Kawaki is Denki or Iwabee is absolutely absurd.

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