Kawaki’s Creation – Orochimaru’s Role Explained

As the name of the chapter “Resonance” suggests that there is a connection between the seal of Kawaki and Boruto Uzumaki as they both activated at the same time.Kawaki's creation Then Garou tried to use ninjutsu but Kawaki was easily able to absorb it with his Karma seal and then Kawaki finished Garou off with a huge blast. This was a never seen before technique and honestly, I don’t know what to call it yet.

Delta thought that Konohamaru and others would have died too because they were in the range of the blast but amazingly this time Boruto Uzumaki was able to absorb all ninjutsu via his Karma seal. Kawaki's CreationThen suddenly we saw Kawaki losing his senses or more specifically his consciousness. Delta told Kashin Koji that they should retrieve Kawaki but suspiciously Kashin Koji denied and said let them have him for now and let’s keep gathering information.

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