Katakuri’s Real Father In One Piece – Revealed

Comparing them to a young Streusen shows that they show a lot of similar traits. This could imply that Streusen might have been Linlin’s first husband, and thus the father of her first two children. big mom PerosperoAnd for those saying that this might not have been possible due to Big Mom abandoning her husband, one has to think that Streusel is an incredible chef and the co-founder of the crew, so it would make sense if she overlooked this and let him stay as head chef.

For starters, both Streusen and Perospero have long tongues, and they both laugh like “Ku Ku Ku”. Their eyebrows are exact same, and that certainly does imply Streusen was her first husband. So, this brings me to her second husband. What if, given her acquaintance with him that long ago it was actually Kaido?Perospero Streusen What if 48 years ago she and Kaido had a child together or three of them? Yes, could Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven, confirmed triplets be all Kaido’s sons? Well, there might be some visual evidence to suggest that, and that what we’re gonna go through now.

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