Katakuri’s Real Father In One Piece – Revealed

It mentions that a long time ago she and Kaido fought together, Which later Hina emphasized by saying that it was under the Rocks pirate crew. Also, it was revealed that Kaido owes a big debt to Big Mom from those days.kaido and big mom Which Big Mom says he still hasn’t repaid. All this is really interesting, and we know for sure that Big Mom and Kaido have been working together in the past. Knowing Big Mom has had a lot of husbands, could Kaido be one of them?

Putting the whole Rocks thing aside though, the interesting thing is that Big Mom and Kaido knew each other over 40 years ago, which was right about when she was starting to form her family. In fact, Kaido calls her by her name Linlin implying a level of acquaintance.kaido Katakuri's father So, with that let’s talk about Big Mom’s children. When she was 18, she had Perospero her first child, followed by Compote when she was 19. These were her first two children. I think you all know who Perospero is by now, and for those who don’t know who Compote is, she is currently the minister of fruits at Whole Cake Island.

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