Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding Katakuri’s death at Whole Cake Island and the invasion of Blackbeard Pirates. This all might seem all insane but believe me, there is a good chance of this happening. So, Katakuri fans shall clench their hearts because this theory makes a lot of sense and could well prove that Katakuri will die at the hands of Blackbeard.

Let’s begin this post regarding Katakuri’s death at Whole Cake Island and Blackbeard’s invasion

In One Piece chapter 930, most of the Katakuri fans were very dissatisfied and disappointed with Oda. Mostly, because he was not seen on Big Mom’s ship.
Charlotte Katakuri
We saw some smart and powerful characters but we didn’t see the most powerful subordinate of Yonko Big Mom, that is Charlotte Katakuri. So, where is Katakuri? Well, King told Big Mom that she can’t be serious coming into a yonko’s territory with just one ship which makes complete sense, could this be a hint that Big Mom is accompanying by more ships?

Well, it certainly could be true and Katakuri lovers are hoping that he is on at least one of them. Believe me, I’m one of those fans too.
Katakuri's death
But come to think of it, if even Katakuri is along with her then who will protect Whole Cake Island and the Road Poneglyph?

It makes more sense if we think that even if Big Mom has more ships with her but at least Katakuri and even Cracker and Oven might have been left behind at the Whole Cake Island to protect it from other pirates invasion.
Katakuri vs Blackbeard
Certainly, these characters are more powerful than ordinary pirates. But the most unexpected thing could happen. Now, let us think of a character who comes to pick up the pieces at last, who is the ultimate opportunist? Yes, you guessed it correctly Blackbeard and his crew. We have seen it various times, Blackbeard attacks when he knows that his mission is a guaranteed success.

We saw at the end of Marineford war, he came in and took Whitebeard’s devil fruit ability.
Blackbeard's bounty
The theory is that since he has three skulls on his Jolly Roger it might be possible that he can possess three devil fruits at a time which makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

Many fans think that now that he has two very powerful devil fruits he will take Kaido’s devil fruit at the end of Wano war which is the most powerful zoan type devil fruit and this way he’ll have the three most powerful devil fruit abilities.
Katakuri's death
However, before going to Wano and taking Kaido’s devil fruit and his poneglyph, which is the easiest target for him? Whole Cake Island. This is where another Poneglyph is, and that too without the protection of a Yonko. Blackbeard himself is a Yonko, so it is going to be an easy target for him and knowing him I don’t think that he’ll pass up this unique opportunity.

Since Katakuri is at Whole Cake Island along with Cracker and Oven who, make no mistake, are very powerful characters, but are still no match for Blackbeard.
Yami Yami no Mi awakened
Even Marco the Phoenix couldn’t defeat him who was believed to be the one who can do so even by the Gorosei. Right now, Katakuri may even be on Marco’s level or maybe stronger. But, that doesn’t change that fact that Marco lost in a crushing defeat and it is possible that Katakuri will too.

Blackbeard Pirates will come to Whole Cake Island unnoticed using Shiliew’s invisible ability. The thing is, Shiliew can make other things, like ships, invisible as well.
yonko Blackbeard
We saw Absalom doing that at Marineford when he saved Moria and when they left Thriller Bark too. When Katakuri and the others attack, Blackbeard will give them a choice whether to join them, or fight and die, similar to what he did with Ace. Knowing Katakuri and the others, and how much they love their mother, they’ll fight till their last breath and ultimately Katakuri will die at the hands of Blackbeard. There can be another scenario that I want to mention here.

Katakuri will release Germa and Jinbe, he’ll tell them to help him escape to Wano and provide backup to Mama because that’s the clever thing to do. They’ll then head for Wano country. I’m assuming this because we haven’t seen Germa and Jinbe with Big Mom either.
Pirate crews
For all our Katakuri fans’ sake, including myself, I seriously hope that he’s not at Whole Cake Island because if he is, he’ll most probably die at the hands of Blackbeard. Let’s hope Katakuri’s death doesn’t become a reality.

That is it from today’s post on Katakuri’s death and the invasion of Blackbeard Pirates, If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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