Katakuri’s Death At Whole Cake Island – The Invasion Of Blackbeard Pirates

Katakuri's death

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding Katakuri’s death at Whole Cake Island and the invasion of Blackbeard Pirates. This all might seem all insane but believe me, there is a good chance of this happening. So, Katakuri fans shall clench their hearts because this theory makes a lot of sense and could well prove that Katakuri will die at the hands of Blackbeard.

Let’s begin this post regarding Katakuri’s death at Whole Cake Island and Blackbeard’s invasion

In One Piece chapter 930, most of the Katakuri fans were very dissatisfied and disappointed with Oda. Mostly, because he was not seen on Big Mom’s ship.
Charlotte Katakuri
We saw some smart and powerful characters but we didn’t see the most powerful subordinate of Yonko Big Mom, that is Charlotte Katakuri. So, where is Katakuri? Well, King told Big Mom that she can’t be serious coming into a yonko’s territory with just one ship which makes complete sense, could this be a hint that Big Mom is accompanying by more ships?

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