Why Katakuri Will Join The Strawhat Grand Fleet

The second reason is that if Katakuri becomes the captain of the Big Mom after the death of Linlin, then his condition will be exactly the same as Marco. Just like Marco, he is the second most capable member of the Big Mom Pirates and has every right to become the next captain.

No one can take it from him and everyone in their pirate crew will agree to it. Moreover, when Shanks saved the Whitebeard Pirates from the marines, the Whitebeard Pirates were indebted to Shanks but they did not join his crew.

This could same be said for Katakuri. Even if Luffy saves his life, then it doesn’t really mean that he will join Strawhat Grand Fleet. But if Katakuri joins them, their fleet will be extremely overpowered, and no one will want to do a single thing to them.

he can be an extremely great recruitment and will prove an even greater ally than anyone in the Grand Fleet. But, if he somehow becomes their enemy then Strawhat will have a hard time dealing with such a man. In my opinion, there is only a small chance of him joining the Grand Fleet but I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and let us know in the comment section below.

Will Katakuri join the Strawhat Grand Fleet?

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