Why Katakuri Will Join The Strawhat Grand Fleet

Moreover, Luffy needs strong allies to take on a Yonko as well. On the other hand, Katakuri doesn’t want his family members to suffer or die. If he agrees to do so, Katakuri will definitely join the Strawhat Grand Fleet and will easily be the Strongest in the Fleet.

The Strawhat Grand Fleet will be one of the strongest, and can easily lay waste to their enemies. The bond between Luffy and Katakuri as friends will be even more strong, and they will give their own life in order to save each other.

Now that we have talked about the reason why Katakuri might be joining the Strawhats, now let’s talk about the reason why Katakuri will not join the Strawhats. Let’s say if Bege will Poison the Cake, and if Big Mom dies after eating this cake then he will never ever join the Strawhat Grand Fleet and he would even hold grudge against both Luffy and Bege.

Katakuri will think that Luffy was stalling him in order to kill Big Mom by poisoning the cake. This will destroy their newly made friends, and at that point, Katakuri would want revenge. With this, he will lead the Big Mom Pirates and will be the new ruler of Totto land.



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