Kashin Koji’s Identity – 4th Hokage’s Rival

Well, there is this one guy if you notice closely who has black hair in the picture. Now, you all will say that Kashin Koji’s hair is white and what nonsense am I talking about. Kashin Koji and MinatoBut in my opinion, Minato’s teammate can easily have white hair as he would be old enough to now have white hair.

In my opinion, this kid with black hair could be Minato Namikaze’s rival. We all know that all great shinobi have even greater rivals. Like Kakashi Hatake had Obito Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki has Sasuke Uchiha, Hashirama Senju had Madara Uchiha, Jiraiya had Orochimaru, etc. Jiraiya Kashin Koji ConnectionThere seems to be a cycle of hatred that has been passing on from generation to generation. But after Nagato’s generation, it skips Minato even though Minato and Nagato could be counted as being in the same generation even though Minato is younger and goes straight to Kakashi.

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