Kara’s New Member – Hidan’s Return?

He needs to draw a symbol on the floor and taste the blood of his enemy before using this technique. Also, instead of hand seals, he uses praying motions. Hidan's pastHidan might be the mirror image, that is the opposite of Lee. He fell for the evil gods as he was not able to perform ninjutsu or genjutsu.

The criticisms he might have faced led him to cross the line of good and became all evil. Many think that he died after Shikamaru buried him alive. He died of hunger and the toll for being immortal is that he serves his god Jashin and presents him with sacrifice since he isn’t able to do so his power of immortality should vanish.hidan kara Thus should be dead by now but I highly doubt that. I think so because of the reason that he wasn’t reanimated with Edo Tensei by Kabuto Yakushi. He also appeared in Naruto Shippuden 290 but that wasn’t a canon Episode.

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