Why ‘Kara’ Is Stronger Than Akatsuki In Boruto – Explained

Certainly, the only strong members of the Akatsuki (when compared to Gods), were Nagato Uzumaki, and Obito Uchiha. Both of the wielded the Rinnegan, and had Six Paths Chakra at some point. Kashin Koji karaOn the contrary, Kara’s each member is considered to be Otsutsuki level. They’re all hunting Otsutsuki members, and by the time they become the focus, they’ll all have Otsutsuki Curse Marks.

We’ve seen Kashin Koji already, and he manhandled Team 7 and Konohamaru easily without even showing a fraction of his true power. Jigen, who is the leader, should definitely be stronger than him. So I believe that Kara is definitely the strongest organizations that we’ve seen in the series so far. Akatsuki stronger than karaWhile Akatsuki was very powerful, they only had a bunch of S rank criminals, none of whom bore the powers of a God. There is so much that we don’t know about Kara yet, and with time, it’ll be revealed that they’re far more powerful.

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