Why ‘Kara’ Is Stronger Than Akatsuki In Boruto – Explained

Some Akatsuki fans will argue that even if they didn’t have an Otsutsuki clan curse mark, all of them were super powerful Shinobi.kara stomger than Akatsuki To them, I would like to say that they wouldn’t stand a chance to beat any Otsutsuki clan member. While almost all inner members of Kara have an Otsutsuki curse mark, and thus all might have killed an Otsutsuki.

We all know that Jigen has Karma seal like Boruto Uzumaki has got. The power of his seal still remains unknown. We know now that whoever kills an Otsutsuki inherits his power via a cursed seal. So, in addition to Jigen’s own techniques, he has a karma seal. karma karaIf we suppose every member of Akatsuki knew more jutsu than Kara members, even then Kara has much dangerous members. Sasuke Uchiha, who himself is a monster in combat, confirmed that the threat of Kara is on the level of Ōtsutsuki Clan.

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