Why ‘Kara’ Is Stronger Than Akatsuki In Boruto – Explained

Now, coming to Kara. Kara is the new organisation that has been introduced in the Boruto series. This organisation consists of inner members and outer members.kara Inner members seem to be very strong than the outer members. Thus, far only Ao has been revealed as the outer member of Kara but several inner members have been shown.

Jigen is supposedly the leader of this organisation. The true goal of Kara still remains unknown. Some say that they are the Otsutsuki clan member hunters some say they want to end the Shinobi system that exists in NarutoVerse.Akatsuki Kara Now, coming to my theory and why do I think that Kara is stronger than Akatsuki. Well, no matter how strong the rogue shinobi of Akatsuki were, no one of them bore the Otsutsuki clan curse seal.

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