In this post, I’ll be discussing Kakegurui xx Episode 7 release date and spoilers. As you know this is a spoiler post so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So without further delay let us begin.

Kakegurui xx Episode 7 Spoilers

Kakegurui xx episode 6 was titled “The Hollywood Star”. In this episode, we saw that Yumemi suspects that Natari has paid some sort of bribe because he won the contest which was highly unlikely for him to win. The upcoming round called “Grin and Bear it: Death Macaron” is introduced by Natari. The said contest is all about bearing it all and not showing any emotion when one is eating extremely hot, spicy macoran.
kakegurui xx Episode 7 spoilers
The contest is to be conducted within a group of 3. The final and last contest is introduced by the election management committee called “soixantd-trois”. In the said contest, participants have to present their cards, as their total card reads totals up to 63, and whoever the winner is given double points. Yumemi admires the talent of Natari. Yumeko also passes through the contest. Since the total crosses 63, Yumeko and Yumemi remain the winners.

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode. This episode is titled “The Treacherous Woman”. In this episode, we will see what next the Hollywood star will be up to. The round second was won by the duo of Yumeko and Yememi. If there is a third and final round who I think there most certainly will be that will be a tough one to win for the duo of Yumeko and Yememi. All the women in this contest will again try to perform some dirty tricks to fool their opponent and not only that they might again start bribing the judges.
kakegurui xx Episode 7 release date
Nonetheless, the story is developing in the most interesting manner possible and let us see whether or not the Yumeko will be able to climb up the rankings of the vote count. Thus, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Kakegurui xx anime.

Here is the preview of Kakegurui xx Episode 7:

Kakegurui xx Episode 7 Release Date

Kakegurui xx Episode 7 is going to be released on 19 February 2019. That is it from today’s post on Kakegurui xx Episode 7 spoilers. Do watch the anime only from official sources and not the unofficial ones, so you can help the anime world. Also, press the bell icon to get notified whenever we publish new content.

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