In this post, I’ll be discussing Kakegurui xx Episode 5 release date and spoilers. As you know this is a spoiler post so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So without further delay let us begin.

Kakegurui xx Episode 5 Spoilers

Kakegurui xx episode 4 was titled “Communicating Women”. In this episode, we saw, as the next round commenced Miri and Miyo just reflected on their past experiences with one another and we got to see her secret communication techniques. They told each other their hands but it was Suzui who was victorious in the round.

kakegurui xx Episode 5 spoilers

Thus, Miri had to prick her finger with a poisonous needle. Then the third round began and again Suzui won due to the carelessness of Miri and Miyo. Then we saw Miri being instructed to lose but she collapsed due to poison.

Thus, Mary and Suzui won the game. Meanwhile, Kei helped Yumiko to recover and Mary decided to become the president herself because Yumiko is too addicted to gambling. Meanwhile, Kirari amassed a large number of voting chips and is about to be challenged by the Momobami clan.

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode. These are no official spoilers but just my predictions. In this episode, we will see the Momobami clan challenging Kirari as she has gathered a large number of chips. She is the main character that is posing the strongest threat to Momobami clan’s ambitions in the upcoming elections.

So, it will be a good opportunity for Momobami clan to regain their superiority via the election gambles.

kakegurui xx Episode 5 release date

Kirari will also see this situation as an opportunity rather than a threat to her because if she manages to get rid of Momobami clan in the gambling we’ll see her becoming the outright winner already. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Kakegurui xx anime.

Here is the preview of Kakegurui xx Episode 5:

Kakegurui xx Episode 5 Release Date

Kakegurui xx Episode 5 is going to be released on 05 February 2019. That is it from today’s post on Kakegurui xx Episode 5 spoilers. Do watch the anime only from official sources and not the unofficial ones, so you can help the anime world. Also, press the bell icon to get notified whenever we publish new content.

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