Why Kaido’s Dragon Form Is Weaker Than The Human Form — Explained

Kaido's Dragon form

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing why Kaido’s dragon form is weaker than his human form. All the attention right now is on the ongoing face-off between Yonko Kaido and Luffy and Trafalgar D Law. Kaido is showing us one powerful technique after another. We have seen two of his forms now, and I’ll explain why his dragon form is weaker than his human form.

Let’s begin this post regarding why Kaido’s dragon form is weaker than his human form

In one of the recent chapters of One Piece, Yonko Kaido’s dragon form was revealed. He was shown issuing orders to Jack, he told him to bring the brats to him. By brats, he obviously meant Trafalgar D. Water Law and Monkey D Luffy.
Kaido's dragon form
Kaido was seen rampaging in his humongous dragon form as he was drunk. When he was told that his enemies are hiding in the ruins of Oden Castle, he used his Borobreath attack to absolutely demolish the remains of Oden Castle. Luffy then attacked Kaido and Kaido be fell unconscious not because of Luffy’s blows, but because he was too drunk.

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