Kaido’s Calamities And Connection To Big Mom – Explained

We know that Big Mom has seemingly had an insane amount of husbands. Some of them have been ordinary, but it is obvious some of them would have been strong as well.
Kaido's Disasters
The way she has married people, it won’t be a surprise that Kaido would have been her husband as well at some point. It isn’t even necessary for him to be her husband. She has had countless children, and giving a few away will definitely not hurt her when she has people like Perospero, Katakuri, Oven, Smoothie, and Cracker in her crew.

Since Kaido is too strong, she would have to make a deal with him and make it look like that she was doing him a favour by giving away three of her strong sons.
Kaido's Calamities
But I do think that she would have got a better end of the deal because I believe that she gave birth to triplets whose father is Kaido himself but she didn’t give these triplets to Kaido but kept them for herself, and these triplets are Katakuri and his two brothers. We have done a theory on Katakuri’s father in the past and speculated it is Kaido.

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