Kaido’s Calamities And Connection To Big Mom – Explained

Some of them are ordinary but some certainly are very very strong.
Kaido's Calamities
My theory about the connection between Kaido’s Calamities and Big Mom is that they are the children of Big Mom and she gave three of her children to Kaido in good faith so that he can build his crew around them.

This might have happened after the end of Rox Pirates crew. In chapter 925 when King the Wildfire and Queen the Plague were introduced, Jack the Drought addressed to them as big brothers but wait, isn’t Jack a Half-Fishman, which is precisely the reason he survived under water even though he is a devil fruit user?
Kaido's Calamities
Queen and King do not have any traits of being fishmen, so how could they be brothers? The only way that they can be brothers is that they are stepbrothers, meaning that they have different fathers but the same mother, that is the Yonko Big Mom herself.

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