Kaido’s Calamities And Connection To Big Mom – Explained

He also destroyed the plan of Big Mom to take over the Germa Kingdom. So, both of them have very good reasons to kill him. Kaido even told Big Mom that he’ll kill her if she gets in his way.
Kaido vs Big Mom
Similarly, Big Mom reminded him of a favour that Kaido still owes her. Kaido clearly said that if Big Mom gets in her way, he won’t stand for it. Meanwhile, Big Mom reminded him of a huge debt that he owes her and I think this will come into play later on in the story.

This is the favour that I want to tall about. We have no clue as to whatsoever what this favour was. Did she save Kaido’s life? I don’t think so because he seems indestructible, and certainly looks like a bigger threat than Big Mom, who isn’t a weak woman by any means.
Kaido's Calamities
What I think is that they would have certainly a bond between them when they would have been on the Rox Pirates crew which was also confirmed in the same chapter. We know that Big Mom has seemingly an infinite number of children.

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