Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory about Kaido’s Calamities and their connection to Big Mom. Yes, that is right I do think that it might be a huge detail if my theory turned out to be true. In this post, we’ll look back at a chapter when Big Mom and Kaido were talking over a den den mushi, where I think the connection of Big Mom and Kaido’s Calamities was hinted.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kaido’s Calamities and their connection to Big Mom

Finally, we know about all three calamities of Kaido by face, and all of them are huge in size and none of them is a female, not even the Queen.
Wano war
As I said, we’ll look back at a chapter during Reverie arc where we saw a conversation over a den den mushi. Kaido and Big Mom were literally fighting over who is going to get to kill Monkey D Luffy. As we know that Luffy has caused a lot of trouble for both these yonko. Luffy destroyed Kaido’s SMILE devil fruit factory using which he was creating an army of SMILE devil fruit users.

He also destroyed the plan of Big Mom to take over the Germa Kingdom. So, both of them have very good reasons to kill him. Kaido even told Big Mom that he’ll kill her if she gets in his way.
Kaido vs Big Mom
Similarly, Big Mom reminded him of a favour that Kaido still owes her. Kaido clearly said that if Big Mom gets in her way, he won’t stand for it. Meanwhile, Big Mom reminded him of a huge debt that he owes her and I think this will come into play later on in the story.

This is the favour that I want to tall about. We have no clue as to whatsoever what this favour was. Did she save Kaido’s life? I don’t think so because he seems indestructible, and certainly looks like a bigger threat than Big Mom, who isn’t a weak woman by any means.
Kaido's Calamities
What I think is that they would have certainly a bond between them when they would have been on the Rox Pirates crew which was also confirmed in the same chapter. We know that Big Mom has seemingly an infinite number of children.

Some of them are ordinary but some certainly are very very strong.
Kaido's Calamities
My theory about the connection between Kaido’s Calamities and Big Mom is that they are the children of Big Mom and she gave three of her children to Kaido in good faith so that he can build his crew around them.

This might have happened after the end of Rox Pirates crew. In chapter 925 when King the Wildfire and Queen the Plague were introduced, Jack the Drought addressed to them as big brothers but wait, isn’t Jack a Half-Fishman, which is precisely the reason he survived under water even though he is a devil fruit user?
Kaido's Calamities
Queen and King do not have any traits of being fishmen, so how could they be brothers? The only way that they can be brothers is that they are stepbrothers, meaning that they have different fathers but the same mother, that is the Yonko Big Mom herself.

We know that Big Mom has seemingly had an insane amount of husbands. Some of them have been ordinary, but it is obvious some of them would have been strong as well.
Kaido's Disasters
The way she has married people, it won’t be a surprise that Kaido would have been her husband as well at some point. It isn’t even necessary for him to be her husband. She has had countless children, and giving a few away will definitely not hurt her when she has people like Perospero, Katakuri, Oven, Smoothie, and Cracker in her crew.

Since Kaido is too strong, she would have to make a deal with him and make it look like that she was doing him a favour by giving away three of her strong sons.
Kaido's Calamities
But I do think that she would have got a better end of the deal because I believe that she gave birth to triplets whose father is Kaido himself but she didn’t give these triplets to Kaido but kept them for herself, and these triplets are Katakuri and his two brothers. We have done a theory on Katakuri’s father in the past and speculated it is Kaido.

So, I certainly think that Kaido was given three different sons by Big Mom, and not his own sons and she thinks that by at least giving away one of her children is a favour.
Kaido's Calamities
So, Kaido’s Calamities are the sons of Big Mom but from different fathers. This also explains that why Katakuri maybe stronger than King, because he is the son of two yonko, unlike King and others.

That is it from today’s post on Kaido’s Calamities and their connection to Big Mom. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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