Kaido vs Big Mom At Wano — Clash Of The Yonko

Kaido vs Big Mom

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about the battle of Kaido vs Big Mom. The clash of these two is almost a certain one to behold in the Wano country war. Both of them are two of the four emperors of the sea, also known as yonko. So, how will this battle unfold and who will win this battle?

Let’s begin this post regarding Kaido vs Big Mom

Both of these yonko share a past, unlike the other yonko. While in the Reverie arc, we saw a scene in which some shocking details were disclosed. One was the information about Rocks Pirates and the other was Big Mom and Kaido were the part of this crew.
kaido vs Big Mom
Thus, it is confirmed that both Big Mom and Kaido have been crewmates in the past. Now that this detail is discussed, let us talk about why Big Mom will be at Wano in the first place. We did witness a conversation between Big Mom and Kaido in which both of them revealed their desire to kill Luffy.

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