Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about the battle of Kaido vs Big Mom. The clash of these two is almost a certain one to behold in the Wano country war. Both of them are two of the four emperors of the sea, also known as yonko. So, how will this battle unfold and who will win this battle?

Let’s begin this post regarding Kaido vs Big Mom

Both of these yonko share a past, unlike the other yonko. While in the Reverie arc, we saw a scene in which some shocking details were disclosed. One was the information about Rocks Pirates and the other was Big Mom and Kaido were the part of this crew.
kaido vs Big Mom
Thus, it is confirmed that both Big Mom and Kaido have been crewmates in the past. Now that this detail is discussed, let us talk about why Big Mom will be at Wano in the first place. We did witness a conversation between Big Mom and Kaido in which both of them revealed their desire to kill Luffy.

It is clear that both of these yonko have a grudge against Luffy since he destroyed their plans in the past.
big Mom vs Luffy
Big Mom’s plan of acquiring the power of Germa Kingdom was ruined by Luffy, and the production of SMILE devil fruits was destroyed by Luffy as well. So, both of them legitimately want to kill Luffy and will even battle each other to get to kill him.

So, it is evident that Big Mom knows that Luffy is in Wano country, and will soon travel to Wano in order to kill Monkey D Luffy along with his crew. Oda has to make these two yonko battle each other.
Kaido vs Big Mom
Oda simply has to find a way to kill Kaido. He himself has said in the past that he doesn’t know how to kill Kaido. So, this battle will hold a huge significance in Wano country war. I do have a theory about how this battle will unfold. In my opinion, Kaido will first battle all the Supernova Pirates in Wano country alone and will surely defeat them all alone.

He is going to beat the likes of Luffy, Law, Kid so badly that they will be in a near death situation. Then just when Kaido will be about to finish Luffy off, Big Mom will show up and demand that she should be the one to kill Luffy.
Kaido's Rival
Kaido already told her that he would kill her if she touched Luffy, and Big Mom told him to give it his best shot because she knows how to deal with Kaido.

Kaido obviously will disagree and hence the battle between these two superpowers will commence. We have seen already how powerful Big Mom is, and how powerful Kaido is.
Kaido's Devil Fruit
Now, keep in mind that the story demands that Luffy kills yonko Kaido. So, the battle between Kaido and Big Mom is going to end in the defeat, or death of Big Mom. By doing this, Oda will manage to achieve two things in one shot. One is eliminating a yonko by killing yonko Big Mom, at the hands of yonko Kaido.

The other thing that Oda will do in the process is weaken Kaido so that Monkey D Luffy, with the help of other Supernova Pirates, will manage to kill Kaido.
Kaido's alliance
Kaido is simply indestructible, but battling a yonko will leave him bruised and battered for some time. I think this is when he will be in the most weakened state, and so the others simply have to take advantage of this situation.

This is when he’ll be killed by the Supernova Pirates. As I mentioned earlier, Kaido will beat Kid, Law and Luffy to near death. This will help them push beuin their limits, and that’s exactly what is needed to awaken a devil fruit as mentioned by Donquixote Doflamingo.
Blackbeard's plan
Also, I think that Luffy will master his future sight haki and unleash his gear fifth along with awakening his devil fruit. So, Oda is basically serving Kaido on a silver platter for Luffy and others to kill right after Kaido defeats and kills Big Mom.

So, this is the main reason for Oda making this battle of yonko Kaido vs Big Mom a reality, just to kill both these yonko one after another and some Supernova Pirates will take their places as yonko.
This is just my theory about how this battle is going to unfold. Do tell us what your thoughts are on Kaido vs Big Mom at Wano country.

That is it from today’s post on Kaido vs Big Mom at Wano. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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