Kaido and Katakuri – Is Kaidou His Father?

Let us take the first two letters and the final letter of Katakuri’s name. “KA” and “I”. Then the first letter in Daifuku’s name “D” and then the first two letters of Oven’s which in the Japanese spelling are “OU”. katakuri and kaidoNow, let’s assemble them and thus we get the name KAIDOU. Thus, this is the first proof that there is a connection between Katakuri and Kaido and that Katakuri is one of his sons.

Now, coming to the second proof which will certainly prove the connection between Katakuri and Kaido. Well we know that Big Mom has had a huge number of husbands and Kaido could well be one of them, let us prove this. kaido and big momPutting the whole Rocks thing aside we know that Kaido and Big Mom knew each other over 40 years ago which was around the time she started making a family. Also, we see in chapter 907 calling her Linlin implying the level of acquaintance. Now, let’s discuss Big Mom’s children. She had Perospero, her firstborn when she was 18 and followed by Compote when 19.

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