Kaido and Katakuri – Is Kaidou His Father?

Another detail worth mentioning here is that Kaido owes Big Mom a huge debt which he is yet to repay. kaido and Katakuri
Thus, now we know for certain that Big Mom and Kaido used to be an alliance in the past. Now, I’m going to highlight some details and prove that there is certainly a connection between Katakuri and Kaido.

So, the first evidence that I’m going to highlight is this. The names of the three triplets Daifuku, Katakuri and Oven seem to be suspicious. For instance, potato starch is “Katakuriko”, yet Oda simply used Katakuri without the Ko. Now, this isn’t really a huge detail,katakuri's father but you’ll see what I’m trying to prove here in a while. Daifuku is the name of a pastry which does seem odd compared to the other triplets and what sounds odd is that Oven isn’t even named after food. There could well be a reason for giving them such names.

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